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Lakshmi is certified as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist through the Wellness Institute in Issaquah, WA. She has also studied and practiced Breath Therapy and various techniques of energy therapy since 1997. In addition to extensive training in both ancient and cutting edge modalities, she holds her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Lewis and Clark College and a MBA from San Jose State University.

Lakshmi's extraordinary life experiences are a source of a unique perspective she brings to her work. She has lived many years in diverse cultures around the world, including years in India, exploring powerful yogic practices. Her personal experiences have guided her to a life dedicated to helping people to improve the quality of their lives. Learn more about Lakshmi's private practise.

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Ed has trained with Carol Lampman in breathwork therapies since 2001. For more information about Carol and her work, visit Integration Concepts. Ed is now involved in Carol's Leadership Program for professionals who have completed her Master's Level Training program. He staffs Carol's professional trainings on a regular basis. Ed has participated, led and created workshops in Human Potential for over 30 years, including over 20 years in the Men's Movement.

Ed is a practising jyotishi (Indian astrologer). For more information visit his Jyotish web page.

Ed and Lakshmi have been married since 1988 and currently live in Mountain View, CA.