About Jyotish Consultations

I have been trained to provide Jataka (natal) consultations, Prashna (aka "horary" - future possibilities for a specific inquiry) and Muhurta (aka "electional" - selection of auspicious inaugural times). I will at times utilize my training in Hasta (hand analysis), Ayurveda (health) and Vastu (architecture), but only in a very limited fashion.

For me, jyotish consultations are a mutual act of discovery. It is my experience that our higher Self guides each consultation regardless of our original intended results. A real time magical dance involving the interactions of both jyotishi and client is required to attain the proper guidance within a specific moment of time. For this reason, face to face consultations are the "highly" preferred medium for consultations. (I live in Mountain View, California). I currently am using Skype for long distance consultations. I do not currently do consultations by phone or email since they lose too much of the personal edge and vitality.

My consultations typically focus on the following areas of life:

  • Personality make-up with general strengths and weaknesses
  • Family relations and home life
  • Formal education
  • Primary relationships
  • Children
  • Career and financial status
  • Spiritual path and areas of difficulties (lessons for this lifetime)

I will also introduce some of the fundamentals of jyotish to better understand your karmic patterns and their implications.

Often clients are distraught about certain aspects of their life. They come to a jyotish consultation full with hope for positive change in their future. They are expecting the circumstances of their life to magically transform in their favor with the movement of the planets. Often, it is a change of perspective which is required to improve a life situation. I believe it is my duty to compassionately guide my clients toward a better understanding of both the practical realities and deeper truths of such situations. With this understanding, a client will be in a better position to navigate the hardships in his life.

It is my experience that in many cases, a client can minimize or even totally eliminate the associated suffering. To explain this, I like to use the analogy of a rough area of life being the equivalent of swimming in river rapids. If we insist on swimming up-river, we will find ourselves getting exhausted and thrown against the rocks. Having a realistic understanding of the dynamics of the situation is like having a canoe in the rapids. We can't eliminate the rapids but we can learn to navigate them. Having a proper understanding with a good attitude can lead to transformational growth experiences.

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