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Jyotish is an orally taught tradition which originated thousands of years ago in ancient India. Over the millenniums, jyotish knowledge has been transmitted through a 3-way relationship between teacher, student and sastras (sacred texts). The sastras present an in-depth and multi-faceted set of clues for astrological interpretation but, it is not possible to properly interpret their meanings without the guidance of a trained jyotish master.
Since 2007, I have been blessed to receive face to face (or as he says, "chest to chest") training from the world renowned jyotish teacher and author Hart de Fouw. Hart received his primary training from the great vedantic master Mantriji, who taught using the ancient traditional principals (sampradaya). Hart continues to teach using sampradaya principals to the best as is reasonably possible in the Western world environment. It is only due to Hart's brilliant instructions that I humbly consider myself qualified to represent this tradition.

Swami Prakashananda (Baba Muktananda's former personal astrologer) has played a secondary role in my training. Our many garden chats since 2003 have helped deepen my understanding on various jyotish principals.

Jyotish consultations require a solid understanding of the jyotish principals combined with spiritual intuition and practical life understanding. It is essential that a practicing jyotishi lead a life embedded in spiritual practices. It is through meditative clearing of the mind and focus on the divine that the Jyotir Vidya ("Lore of light" or "Goddess of jyotish") reveals her secrets to a jyotishi.

I first met my guru Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (aka "Amma the Hugging Saint") in 1990. Over the years, my devotion and service to her has continually increased. I strongly ascribe to and try to practice her teachings, in particular for karma yoga (practise of selfless service) and bhakti yoga (total devotion to the Divine). I rely on my relationship with Amma to guide me in all my actions including my jyotish consultations.

A jyotishi cannot solely rely on intuition. He must also have common sense and practical knowledge, for he is a life counselor. I have over 30 years experience of participating in, creating and leading human potential workshops. I have over 20 years experience in the Men's Movement learning for myself and helping other men to live lives full of integrity and in service to their families and community.

Since 2001, I have trained in breathwork therapies with Carol Lampman, a renowned breath therapist. I have come to have a deep understanding how karma manifests in the body along with techniques for releasing it. My hypnotherapist wife Lakshmi and I from time to time co-lead "Breath of Joy" breath therapy workshops.

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