Heart-Centered Therapies

Lakshmi Collins
Heart-Centered Therapies are based on the premise that it is our natural state to be healthy, happy and loving. These powerful transpersonal techniques activate altered states of consciousness and age regression to access information held in the subconscious. This information brings insight and the true capability to alter life experience. You are able to move beyond blocks and their old sense of limitations. You can see the past with a new perspective and the future with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and freedom.

Everyone has an innate ability to create a life of joyful and meaningful reality. Powerful alternative therapies have been developed that integrate the mind, body and spirit and remove the barriers to experiencing life in this way.

Let me help you to remember who you really are, and the gifts that you came here to receive and to share. For a glimpse into some of these techniques and more information on who I am and what I do, please open my brochure.


Since birth, our conscious minds have been erecting a maze of stereotypes, defenses, and rationalizations to "protect" us from the world. The walls of this maze are built with the bricks of our own early experiences or what we have seen and heard from others. Over time this becomes our accepted reality, and new information and experiences are screened to keep out anything that contradicts our preconceptions. When we try to expand beyond our "protective walls", we experience some form of discomfort (or distraction): fear, anxiety, depression, anger, cravings, overwhelm, exhaustion, dis-ease, etc. Denial and rationalization allow us to return back to our comfort zone with "dignity". This is why many people find it so difficult to modify their own negative thinking or behavior patterns, even after becoming aware of the effects on themselves and others. Everything is protected by our programming. We even protect ourselves from our own growth and healing.

Hypnotherapy gives us the option to draw new conclusions based on our present circumstances. Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is based on the premise that it is our natural state to be healthy, happy and loving. Life presents challenges, but they are better met with decisions based on a clear view of the present, and not the buried frozen memories of the past. Freedom from fear is not only possible, it is your natural state. Don't ever give up until you reach your goals.

Energy Therapy

Energy Therapy utilizes numerous techniques which can rapidly alleviate psychospiritual & mind-body distress (anxiety, traumas, phobias, stress, limit-ing beliefs, low self-esteem, addictions, compulsions, allergies, etc.) These techniques all work directly with the energy field that envelopes the body, the chakras, and the energy pathways and acupoints. They activate your own self-healing abilities and restore your energy flow. This naturally results in higher levels of physical, mental and creative performance. These techniques, particularly EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) can be learned by anyone and even self-administered. They dissipate long-held cellular memories in the body that negatively affect physical and emotional health. Treatment is often very rapid and the results are permanent.

Subtle Body Energy Work and Soul Psychology

Heal the root causes of physical and mental imbalance in the energy field, where they are first manifested. This allows you to take back parts of yourself that have been lost or repressed and to release anything that is not yours in your energy field.

Spiritual Guidance

Reconnect or strengthen your connection to your Spiritual Connection. Recognize and accept the help the resources that are always available to you. Feel the strength and safety of knowing you are never alone. Life will always present challenges, but they can be faced with courage and consciousness when you have faith that you are always loved.


Refocus your attention on the beauty that is all around you. Awaken your long dormant connection to the creating and healing powers of nature.

Breathwork Therapies

Breathwork is a highly personal, experiential process that uses breathing techniques to clear out physical, mental and emotional blocks or stress. I use several breath therapy techniques both in my private practice and separately in the "Breath of Joy" group workshops and retreats which I co-facilitate with my husband Ed Collins.

The Energy of Color - My Gift to You

Most of us are aware at some level that the colors that surround us have an effect on our moods, our clarity, and even our physical health. We know we feel different sitting in a gray room than we feel in a field of wildflowers. I encourage my clients to make conscious choices about the environments they create for themselves. I have created a special gift to allow you to give yourself an invigorating infusion of color and beauty any time you feel the need or desire.

I am happy to offer my Chakra Tuning Slideshow (35MB wmv file format) using my own nature photos. Download the slideshow and preferably watch it in full screen mode. Breathe deeply while bathing your chakras for 12 minutes in the vibrant chakra colors found in nature. A great way to start your day or to rebalance your energy field at any time.

Guided Visualizations

We are constantly receiving messages from inside and outside our minds and not all of them are nice. There is a part of us that believes these messages. You can recreate your reality by choosing to listen to messages that uplift and empower you. These relaxing guided visualizations send a new, healthy message to your mind, body and spirit.

  • Say Yes to Life! A guided visualization that visits each chakra, using breath and intention to lovingly release limiting beliefs and revise past conclusions about your life and your potential.

  • Success Script
    A gentle 30 minute Guided Visualization that will help you to expand your perception of who you are and what you are capable of.

Something Worth Sharing

A friend of mine, Nina Price, is an acupuncturist and herbalist who has been specializing in "Midlife Without Crisis." Like everything else, midlife changes are easier if you have some understanding of what's going on. Nina's definition of midlife health includes mind, body and spirit and her website has alot of great free resources on the subject. In October, Nina will be starting her second online Midlife Health Retreat, "Cracking the Midlife Code II." She will be interviewing a dozen experts on various topics throughout the month. It's free to listen and you can sign up here.

Let me know how you like it. I would love to hear from you.


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Tapas Acupressure Technique "TAT" (written 2002)
TAT in Disaster (written after 9/11/01)
Preparation Without Paranoia
The Returns of Selfless Service

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