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Umapati & Lakshmi Collins
Breath of Joy! founders Lakshmi and Umapati (Ed) Collins are trained in theraputic and spiritual counseling to reconnect participants to their natural states of peace, self-confidence, well-being and joy. They both have multiple practices which are listed below.

Heart-Centered Therapies

Lakshmi is a certified Hypnotherapist and is trained in several energy and spiritual healing modalities which she integrates into her work. She facilitates in-person individual sessions in her Mountain View, California office and holds long distance sessions on the telephone and Skype.

Breathwork Therapies

Umapati and Lakshmi are both trained to facilitate individual work and group workshops using deep breathing techniques.

Jyotish Readings

Umapati is a jyotish (Indian) astrologer with practical and spiritual guidance abilities. Learn more and schedule a live personal reading.

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